How to set up digital gift cards for your business

We show you how to set up a digital gift card which can help you increase cash flow if your business has been affected by social distancing.

We have done all the hard work by reviewing a list of 20 different gift card providers so that you don’t have to. Our review looked at gift card value for money, customisation, speed and ease of set up.

We recommend using one of the following 3 gift card providers:

Toggle – Best value gift cards

Toggle offers the cheapest most affordable option for your business. There are no fees to pay until September, so if you’re planning to use gift cards for the short term, this is the best offer.  If you decide to use Toggle longer term, you only start paying after you’ve made £1000 worth of sales. 

How to set up Toggle gift cards 

Step 1

Create an account and tell Toggle about your business by filling in your company details.

Toggle sign up screen.

Step 2

On the ‘Finish your setup screen’ select ‘Next’ within the ‘You’ve not connected a payment gateway…’ module.

Toggle ‘Finish your setup’ screen

Step 3

On the ‘Payment’ screen connect with a payment provider so you can accept payment from your customers. We selected Stripe because it’s quick and easy to set up.

Toggle ‘Payment’ screen

Step 4

Return to the ‘Finish your setup screen’ and select ’Next’ within the ‘You’ve not added any products yet’ module.

Toggle ‘Finish your setup’ screen

Step 5

Finish your set up by selecting ‘Gift Card’ from the ‘Add a product’ module.

Toggle ‘Products’ screen

Step 6

Complete the required details such as name, description and value options ie. £10.00 gift card.

Toggle ‘Edit product’ screen

That’s it, your gift card is now ready to use, view a live demo of – Toggle gift card

Square – Quick and easy to set up gift cards

Square has a seamless onboarding experience for customers setting up gift cards. Getting started is made simple by the ‘quick setup’ option which is an express route to get your gift card to market as quickly as possible. Square is free to use but they charge a 2.5% fee for each gift card you sell.

How do I set up Square gift cards

Step 1

Create an account and on the ‘How can we help you?’ screen select ‘quick setup of remote and online features’. This is the quickest way to set up a gift card for your businesses. 

Square ‘How can we help you’ screen.

Step 2

Now on the ‘What can we help you do?’ screen select the ’Sell gift cards’ option.

Square ‘What can we help you do?’ screen.

Step 3

Next, tell Square about your business and a little about you.

Square ‘Tell us about your business’ form.
Square ‘Let’s talk about you’ form.

Step 4

Link your bank details, so you can get paid.

Square link your bank details screen.

Step 5

On the ‘All set. What do you want to do next?’ screen, select the ’Set up and sell gift cards’ option.

Square ‘All set. What do you want to do next?’ screen.

Step 6

Within the ‘Set up and sell free eGift Cards’ module, select ‘Get Started’ where you can configure the design and settings of your gift card.

Square ‘Set up and sell free eGift Cards’ screen.
Square ‘Configure e-gift cars – Design’ screen.
Square ‘Configure e-gift cars – Settings’ screen.
Completed Square gift card screen.

That’s it! You can now start selling gift cards, view a live demo  – Square gift card 

GiftUp – Highly customisable gift cards

If you’re looking for more customisation options then GiftUp is a good place to start. It offers 100’s of unique designs and gift cards can be printed and posted as an alternative to the default online gift cards which are emailed to customers. There are no monthly fees but there is a 3.49% fee per transaction, each time you sell a gift card.

How do I set up Giftup gift cards

Step 1

Creating an account and confirming your email address is the first of 5 steps to complete before you can launch a gift card.

GiftUp’s ‘ Required launch steps’ screen.

Step 2

Add your business details and website address. If you don’t have a website, Giftup will generate a link that you can share with your customers. 

Giftup’s ‘Business settings’ form.

Step 3

Add items to sell such as ‘£10.00 gift card’ and ‘£50.00 gift card’, these will be shown to customers as predefined values. You can also add a custom value.

Giftup’s ‘Items for sale’ screen.
GiftUp’s custom value module.

Step 4

Connect your payment provider so you can immediately receive money when a customer buys a gift card.

GiftUp’s ‘Payment Gateway’ screen.

Step 5

Get the link to your gift card that you can share with your customers. Social media links are also available for you to share with your networks that can be customised specifically for Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. You can also embed the gift card check out on your website.

GiftUps’ ‘Get you Checkout code/link’ screen.
A published Giftup gift card .

Your gift card programme is now set up and ready to use, view a live demo of a GiftUp gift card.

Our gift card recommendations meet several needs from value, quick, easy setup and customisation. Using gift cards can help your business stay afloat during the effects of social distancing and enable your regular customers to support your business and the high street.

Once you have set up a digital gift card, to ensure people can easily find you, add your business to our Help High Street listing.